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Re: More tent questions

Hello Jim -

You asked:

>Has anyone used a hammock in lieu of a tent? Seems to
>have several advantages, at least for warm weather
>use - light weight, comfortable, and easy site selection.
>Just find two trees.  A light weight tarp could be set
>above it for rain protection. Any comments?

I carried one during the summer part of my AT hike.  I had somehow
convinced my son that an after-lunch nap was part of my "thru-hiker's
contract" (VBG).  We enjoyed having a seat that rested your knees and we
often strung it up over the streams so that we could pump in comfort <g>.
Hammocks are definately a "luxury item" and we finally got rid of it as we
got used to selecting campsites based on the availability of good places to
sit <g>.

As a Scoutmaster, I used to chuckle when some of my Scouts always wanted to
take a hammock to sleep in on our week-long hikes.  I always said they
could if they tried it out on a prep hike first.  Out of all the kids who
were interested, nobody EVER tried to sleep in a hammock more than one

Trail hammocks also have a downside other than weight and sleeping
discomfort.  Your hammock ropes can scar the support trees to the point
that you actually gird them (often kills the tree).  If you decide to use a
trail hammock, you might want to figure out how to put protection
(bandanna, sticks, duff, etc.) between the ropes and the trees.

Remember not to pitch the hammock up any higher than you are willing to
fall <g>.  Good luck!

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al