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A.T. Thru-Hike Prep Classes

Laurie Potteiger, who is taking the place of the irreplaceable Jean Cashin at
ATC Headquarters, called me yesterday to ask if I knew of anyone doing
classes to prepare hikers for an Appalachian Trail thru-hike. She said that
she knew of Warren Doyle's classes and wanted to make sure that she wasn't
unfairly not recommending or mentioning any other possible courses. I told
that I didn't know of any, but offered to pose the question to this group. If
you know of any other classes, you can E-Mail me at FrankLogue@aol.com or
send it to Laurie's attention to appalachiantrail@charitiesusa.com

btw if you haven't met Laurie yet, I think you will agree that ATC made a
wise choice. Jean Cashin will be sorely missed, but Laurie will fill her
shoes as ably as any one could.