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Re: Using a Water Bag

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> Subj:	Using a Water Bag
> I'm sold on the usefulness of a waterbag -- I've made multiple water 
> trips too many times.  But now I'm staring at this thing for the first 
> time up close (i.e., not casually seeing someone else use it) and, 
> embarassingly, I can't figure the darn thing out.
> I see how I might push the valve up to get water out, but how am I 
> supposed to get water in?  

I agree it is nonintuitive as to how to remove the waterbag valve/cap.

Grasp the outer edge of the valve/cap on the outer edge opposite the opening
where water comes out between the thumb and the forefinger, with the thumb on
the inside of the outer edge and the forefinger on the outside.  Now pull the 
valve/cap toward the water outlet opening or toward the thumb in a rolling 
motion, pressing the thumb down and the forefinger up.  Should come right off.

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