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Re: which tent

steve,are you sure about the weights for the tents?  i believe the s.d. clip
is a full lb. more than the swift.  it's been a real pain in the keister to
try and find accurate weights for tents--the listings often are only for the
tent and not the poles, stakes, etc.  i think that's a really shitty (pardon
my french, list) thing for the companies to do...as far as i can tell it's
just a marketing scheme.  i acknowledge that i may be wrong on this one
(swift vs. the clip)--if anyone is interested i have ACCURATE weights on the
walrus tents.  i'd love to know the real weight of the clip--
btw, i bought the clip on sale at ems (150 i think) and returned it after
borrowing the swift for the weekend.  it made the clip look huge and heavy!
for everyone's information, the arch rival is on sale in campmor for 109 and
the swift is on sale in s.t.p. for 109 as well.  i believe the a.r. has a
solid nylon panel instead of netting (yuk) but i'm not sure.