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I think I've set a new lurking record (months and months).
Please pardon my poor netiquette...

Time to introduce myself--I first got into backpacking when I
was in high school in Tucson, AZ.  Did numerous trips in the
Catalina Mountains.  College, graduate school, marriage, and
three children all subsequently hindered my development as a 
backpacker, but FINALLY I am getting back into it.  
At present, I mainly do circuit hikes and section hikes in
Virginia, though I fantasize some day joining the ranks and
being a through hiker (Heaven knows how old I'll be when I get
around to it).  

I find my mind wandering quite frequently to the trails when at
work or at home.  Have actually had to discipline myself to
stay in the present rather than living in the future (hiking).
Can anyone relate?! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this mail list and truly appreciate
the wealth of wisdom and knowledge.  Speaking of which...I have
a question to pose to the guru's.  I got this *huge* gooey glob
of something that smelled like sap from a pine tree all over
the side and sole of one of my boots (One Sport Morraine's) and
it has been nearly impossible to wipe off. Any thoughts about
how to clean this sappy-type stuff off without ruining the
leather and water-proofing?  Or should I just leave it on?  Thanks!

Steve Laird ("Faithful")