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thruhike update

Hello everyone!
I thought that some people might be interested in hearing how my thru-hike is
going. I ended up starting on March 10, and I made Harper's Ferry yesterday.
I'm now at my parents home in Del. taking a couple of days off before starting
"The Rocks." My hike has been such a great experience so far that it's tough
to even begin to describe. Sure, we had a lot of snow, rain, and cold weather,
but all of the good things (the great
views, sunsets, and most of all the people) more than make up or it. I guess
it's almost too late for any more N'bdrs to start, but for anyone contemplating
a S'bbd hike this year, I'd definitely recommend doing it. 

I believe that the "Cornell Crew" also subscribe to this list, and they made HF
about 6 days ago. I was trying to catch up to them to say hi, since I also went
to Cornell, but we seem to be hiking at almost exactly the same pace, so I don't
hold out great hope of meeting them. I was glad to see today that Nexmo and 
Download are still on the trail. I stayed with them way back at Standing Indian
shelter, and they are both really nice people.Although they had never backpacked
before, they both struck me as quietly determined and aware of their limitations (two qualities which I think are really important for a thru-hike), so I'm not
at all surprised that they are still at it. 

Well, that's about it . I'm looking forward to the 2nd half of my hike., and I
hope to see some of you on the trail.
I'll have net access for another day if anyone wants to drop a note.

Mark "Glider" Tabb