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Re: which tent

Chip -

I'm not in the business of telling other people what to carry,
but I'll tell you what I told Poombah a couple days ago -
except that I'll use the 'right' numbers this time.   According
to Wingfoot, an AT thruhiker will climb 217 ft per mile for
every mile of the AT.  That's a total of 468,503 ft.   As a
thruhiker, every pound, every ounce you carry has to be
hauled - by you - up a 2159 mile, 468,000 ft mountain.
How many pounds do you want to carry up that mountain?

I'm assuming Wingfoots numbers are correct, but it doesn't
really matter because the concept remains the same.   It's a
long way, and a long climb, from Georgia to Maine.

Carrying a bigger tent or more food or a book or a candle
lantern or extra clothing or a teddy bear or .... (whatever)
is a luxury.  Some people are willing to pay - in time, energy
and sweat in order to have that luxury.  That's cool - it's
ALWAYS their choice.  My problem is that a lot of people
make those choices without really knowing what it's going
to cost them.   And  a lot of people get blown off the AT
because they've made choices for which they can't pay
the price.

I won't tell anyone what to carry.  But I have, I do, and I
will continue to tell anyone that'll listen that for long
distance hiking - lighter is better.   It works for me.

Walk lightly,

>   I have the Arch-rival and enjoy the extra room for me and my equip
>when it rains....take the lb...it will pay off in adverse weather...chip
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