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Re: bad news/good deed

> Seriously though, I have been trying to decide where to leave my truck.
> Should I leave it at Catawba and worry about transportation back to it when
> I get out? Or go to Pearisburg, maybe leave it at the hostel and get a ride
> to Catawba ?

Gee, I don't know.  Since I live right in the middle, I've always had either 
my fiancee shuttle me where I needed to go, or my partner left his car at one
end and mine at the other.  I don't think I'd suggest hitching though.  There
are hiker friendly people around (obviously! :-)  But there's also the rednecks
whom I wouldn't trust to take me 500 yards down the road.

Driving to Pearisburg and finding a ride north might be your best bet.  Then
you'd be hiking to your car instead of hoping to get a ride back to your car.
There's a 28 mile loop starting at Va 624 and Va 311 in Catawba that includes
North Moutain trail (the OLD at route), Tinker's Cliffs, McAffee's Knob, back
to where you started if that's an option.

Heck.  If I'm free, I don't mind giving you a ride.  When are you coming?
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