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Re: which tent

Dri-on from Mont-Bell is GREAT we have used it backpacking
and for life in general in Minnesota. No stinky smell
even after a week long trip wairing it everyday (we smelled
it didn't). Alison and I are going to use it on our AT hike,
for both long underware and hiking t-shirts, they make it
in either long or short sleeve, and it weighs less than
a cotton tee, plus the stuff feels so soft. Alison also
has a couple of pairs of Dri-on shorts for hiking and they
are her favorite. Can't say enough good stuff about Dri-on,
or Mont-Bell. There is a good write up about Dri-on in a
recent issue of Backpacker sorry I can't remember the issue
(old age I guess). As far as the tents I wish I had known
you hadn't bought one yet, Alison made me sell 3 of ours
and one of them was a Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight,
that we only used twice and I sold for $50, which tent wise
is similar to the Walrus Swift, even though I think the Walrus
is a better constructed tent. My .02 on tents buy a Stephenson's
you won't be sorry. Yes they are more expensive, but worth it.
Our 2RS is now 7 years old, weighs 2 lbs 11 ozs has been
through heck and is still in perfect shape and has alot
more space than just about any other 2 person tent we have seen.
But it's not the tent we are taking on the AT, we are taking our
new 3RS because of the additional room and it still only weighs
4 lbs and is a three person tent.

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Ga to ME 97