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Re: which tent

>hi everyone--
>my most pressing gear dilemma is whether to get the walrus swift (3.5lbs) or
>the arch-rival (4.5lbs).  wondering if the extra lb is worth the extra 8in.
>headroom.  the swift is little more than a roomy bivy but i'm impressed with
>it's low weight and packability.  i know which one jim would pick  :)   how
>about everyone else?  will i be able to comfortably live in the smaller tent
>w/ my gear in rainy day after rainy day?

If you're using it for the AT, i'd go with the swift. It's lighter, and
from what I've heard, you spend most of your time in shelters and
lean-to's. Most people carry the tent as a backup.

On the other hand, if it's just for normal hiking and camping, I'd probably
go with the larger model.

Diana (raven)