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Re: Introduction, and a question about glasses vs. contact lenses

>My question is: what do folks do for vision correction on the trail?  I
wear glasses (I wore soft contacts years ago), but have noticed 
>that they don't work very well in bad weather.  Contact lenses don't fog or
bead water, but they require more care.  Some of the issues I 
>have thought of are:
> - what about hygine... getting hands really clean on the trail is a bit
> - what about disposable lenses...
> - what about extended wear lenses...
>I'd love to get some real info.
>-- Jim

Jim : 

I used to hike with contact lense all the time.  Had no real "hiking
related" problems with them.  I wore both soft extended wear & hard daily
wear.  The Soft ones were great with the no cleaning.  However, my eyes
didn't tolerate the lens very well over the long run.  The hard lenses
worked good except for the cleaning and they had a tendancy to become a
little uncomfortable.  I was chopping wood once when a branch hit me in the
eye and knocked out my lense.  I had to crawl around on the ground looking
for the contact, worrying about finishing the hike half blind. That's my
worse contact lense story.  My brother rolled over on his glasses once
during the night.  We had to tape the lenses togeather with strips of moleskin. 

Last fall I chose the next best thing.  I had RK surgery on my eyes.  I now
have 20/15 & 20/25 vision.  I can't wait for my next long distance hike
without glasses, contacts and solutions in my pack!  And, no further worries
about vision  (except, getting poked in the eye with a stick!)  If you can
afford it, Its the way to go.


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