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Re: boots

>I have a new pair of Vasque Sundowners size 8 1/2. The right shoe fits
>wonderfully well. The left shoe seems to bend at the wrong place for my
>foot just behind my toes - where the ball of the foot is. I have a pair of
>insoles with arch supports that work well in the right foot but the left
>one seems to stretch my arch. Any ideas about what I can do for the left
>foot to make it more comfortable. I am especially concerned about the
>discomfort on the bottom of my foot under the bone just behind my big toe.

The most recent issue of Backpacker magazine has an article about how to
make boots fit better.

To make the sole flex right, they recommend "with the boot off, stand it on
its toe, squat over it, and use your body weight to drive it down so it
If the crease is digging into your toes along the top, they suggest
"rubbing a water-smoothed river stone across the problem area on the inside
of the boot."

There are also alot of other good tips.

Hope this helps.