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Introduction, and a question about glasses vs. contact lenses


The note that came back when I asked to join this list suggested that I introduce myself, so here goes.

My interest in walking started about one year ago (since I'm 36, I guess that makes me a late bloomer).  So far, the more I walk, the more 
I like walking.  Here are some of my reasons:

 - It feels really good to get outside and use my body.
 - The world we live in is beautiful.
 - Getting away is good for my soul.
 - It's good for me (and more fun than spinach)

I haven't done any long distance walking yet, but I plan to walk the Susquehannock Trail (an 85 mile loop in northern PA) this September. 
 In the mean time, I'm going on some weekend trips this summer, am dayhiking on weekends, and try to get out around the neighborhood a few 
times a week.

The best looks I get are when I pack the groceries home from the supermarket.

My question is: what do folks do for vision correction on the trail?  I wear glasses (I wore soft contacts years ago), but have noticed 
that they don't work very well in bad weather.  Contact lenses don't fog or bead water, but they require more care.  Some of the issues I 
have thought of are:

 - what about hygine... getting hands really clean on the trail is a bit difficult.
 - what about disposable lenses...
 - what about extended wear lenses...

I'd love to get some real info.


-- Jim