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Help in locating other Listserv(er)s

I have identified the listserv(er) e-mail addresses for Backpacking info
(send e-mail with subscribe backpack-l in message field to
LISTSERVER@switchback.com), Outdoor topics (send e-mail with subscribe
outdor-l in message field to LISTPROC@ulkyvm.louisville.edu), and this
group (send e-mail with subscribe at-l in message field to
listproc@patsy.hack.net).  Patsy.hack.net also has the PCT-L listserver.

Are there any other outdoor topic listservers that anyone is aware of?

I could use assistance in locating other non-outdoor topics of interest and
their listserver addresses.

PLEASE RESPOND TO ME DIRECTLY (Yashar@Brown.edu) and/or CC the Listserver.

David E. Yashar
AT GA>ME 1994