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Re[2]: Dogs on Long Trail

     I posted a similar message a few days ago, and all encouraged me to 
     take Fido. Apparently there are a couple of sections of trail which 
     are hard for dog, and porcupines are prevalent in the southern 
     section, but it seemed like and overall good trail for dogs. I hope to 
     do a good section of the long trail this summer as well (with my dog), 
     so please pass along your experiences when you return. 
     If you like to hike with Fido, try subscribing to:
     a good group list for dog packers.
     Enjoy your holiday.
     Steve and Crosby
     "dahrma bum and the b-man"
     A.T. GA --> ME 97

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Subject: Re: Dogs on Long Trail
Author:  at-l@patsy.hack.net at Internet-USA
Date:    5/13/96 11:45 AM

Has anyone taken a dog on a long trip?  I'm about to embark on a hiking 
holiday (about two weeks long) and would like to bring "Fido" along.  Any 
London, ON Canada
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