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Re: dehydrators

On Mon, 13 May 1996 01:02:21 -0500 (CDT), Jennifer Sawyer wrote:

Hi Jennifer,

Being starving grad students too.... :)  We got the snackmaster as a
gift and really like it.  A few things we like to make are dehydrated
orange slices.  Just peel them and cut them cross-ways.  Make sure the
slices are uniform in thickness and place them on the trays and set the
thermostat to 135F.  They take quite a while, maybe 24 hours or so
depending on how thick they are.  No need to add anything to them - like
someone else said, they're so sweet they're like candy.

You'll have to get some of the fruit leather trays for these, but it's a
good investment given the prices at the store for leathers.  Another we
really like is Roma apple and banana fruit leathers.  In fact we bought
(at Walmart I think) one of those apple peeler-corer-slicer's that clamp
on to the counter or cutting board.  Just stick an apple on and turn the
handle and you get perfect slices.  We toss 2-3 apples and two bananas
in a cuisanart (or blender) and puree, and add a little apple juice to
get a good consistancy.  Add some honey or brown sugar to sweeten (a
table spoon or two) and a little cinnamon (1/4 tsp).  About 2 cups of
this mixture makes one fruit leather sheet.  Make sure you spray the
plastic fruit leather sheet with Pam!  We forgot once... quite a sticky

Or you can use just apples.  About 10 apples makes 6 trays of fruit
leathers.  After they're puree'd, I put them in a pot and heat them up. 
Once hot, add a small bag of red hots (Cinnamon imperials) and let them
melt.  Pour 2 cups onto a fruit leather tray and dehydrate.  These take
about 8-10 hours or so.  (These are my current favorite!)

We made bananas the same way, but I prefer them mixed with apples. 
Bananas are too sticky and stiff alone.  We also got a little crazy and
made apples like above, and puree'd some cranberries in with them. 
Mmmmm.  Pears and cranberries are good too.

Just about anything goes.  Just remember to go a little light on the
seasoning -- the flavors intensify when dehydrated.  Have fun and if you
come up with a good concoction, let me know.  The only trouble I have is
staying out of the stuff so we have them for the trail!  :)


Dave DeCroix                   Dept of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Graduate Student                               North Carolina State University
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