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Fwd: Gutsy's journals

Here is another update from Dan on Gutsy that I received tonight.

Peter H. Fornof

>May 12, 1996
>These journal entries cover only days 40-43, but Im sending them now rather
>than waiting until I finish all the journals through Saturday, day 46.  Some
>of you have been asking about these updates, and I dont want to make you
>wait any longer.
>Looking ahead:
>Gutsy will be checking mail Thursday, May 16 at the following address:
>                      Gail Gutsy Johnson
>                      General Delivery
>                      Troutville, VA  24175
>On Monday, May 20, she hopes to be online for the America OnLine backpacking
>long distance chat session at 10 p.m.  You might want to show up to listen in
>or to say hi.  She will use her AT1996 screen name, and I will be using
> DanDJJ.        Dan.                   
>Statistics through Saturday, May 11, 1996
>Total days:  46 
>Total miles:  637
>Day 40  Sunday, May 5  9 miles
>This week Im hiking with Brad and Jack.  Dan helped them with the car
>shuttle yesterday, leaving their cars in Pearisburg.  That means this week
>will be almost a vacation, with only 73 miles to cover this week.  Today we
>actually took breaks--my feet will be happy campers this week.  Yesterday I
>did 18 miles and I wont get my usual weekly day off so Im glad for the easy
>miles.  We just arrived here at Chestnut Knob Shelter, and it looks like a
>thunderstorm will be here soon.  Before I got all the way up to the shelter,
>I saw someone else water, so I stopped at the water source, and saved myself
>a second climb--what a climb, too!  This is a nice shelter--bunks, windows,
>door and inside table...worth that climb (I guess).
>Day 41  Monday, May 6  10 miles
>There was a thunderstorm last night and we were on the top of the mountain
>with a metal roof over us--but with the bunks, door and window I still felt
>snug and safe.  My new radio worked great--listened to a beautiful violin
>concerto.  We left Chestnut Knob Shelter at 9 a.m. and stopped at Jenkins
>Shelter for the night.
>Day 42  Tuesday, May 7  12 miles
>It rained through the night, and in the morning it was foggy but not raining.
> We left left the shelter before eating breakfast, and decided to take the
>high water route instead of doing the 12 fordings.  It started raining almost
>as soon as we left the shelter and soon our feet and pant legs were soaked.
> The high water route meant a lot of climbing.  We regretted not eating
>breakfast at the shelter, because it was impossible to eat in the rain.  We
>were close to the road leading to Bland so I suggested we spend the night in
>town to dry off.  All agreed, so thats what we did.  I called Dan and others
>while there.  It was nice to bathe and wash my very dirty trail clothes.  I
>had not had a bath since Damascus (8 days) and really needed it.
>Day 43  Wednesday, May 8  12 miles  Total to here: 584.
>We left the motel at Bland in a drizzle after a nice breakfast at the Log
>Cabin Restaurant.  Soon after starting out, Download and Nexmo offered us a
>ride to the trail with their slackpacking shuttle--very timely.  It was good
>to see them again.  It sprinkled on and off all morning but we made good time
>because it was almost all ridge walking.  So we reached the shelter in time
>for lunch.  Brad was bored and decided to do some soloing and went on ahead.
> He borrowed my radio--I dont need it at present because Im immersed in
>reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.  A thru-hiker loaned it to me.  Hes behind
>me, but Ill drop it off at a shelter for him.
>Here at Jenny Knob Shelter tonight are Chameleon, October Dawn, Lobos Pet
>(and his dog, Lobo), Philly Bulldog (who loaned me the book), and amazingly,
>the same Lutheran ministers I met on the AT in VA last year.