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Re: AT-L digest 104

Hey everyone,

I haven't posted anything in a while and while I have been reading
I just miss being connected to y'all.  Anyway, we're getting ready
to do a 9-10 day stretch of the trail from Wind Gap (or is it
Lehigh Gap) PA to NY rt 17a.  According to the books and makps,
there is supposed to be "ample parking along rt 17a".  We started
a northbound hike from there 2 years ago (got dropped off) and
I really don't recall seeing any kind of parking lot there.

This time we are wanting to actually leave a car there for 
the duration and are wondering if anyone can tell us if
there's a good place to leave it.
Can a car be safepy left at or near the trail crossing?
Some other place nearby??

Just for reference this crossing (on NY 17a) is between the
towns of Bellvale and Greenwood Lake, ny.

This will be Memorial Day weekend when we walk out.  Would
that make a big difference??

Thanks in advance!

p.s.  About women's boots... I picked up a pair of One Sport 
Chilcoots and my Wide feet are in heaven.  Still, you need to
just keep trying for that boot that just feels like it was
made for YOU.  Other people's expereiences can only be so
much help when it comes to your feet.  Good luck!