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re:powdered everything

>  if there is no such thing as dehydrated shortening then what
>  is powdered shortening? does it exist?
>  lindel

Yup it does - and I'd imagine that dehydrated and powdered shortening are
one and the same.  A company named "Harvest Foodworks", which is based here
in Ontario, makes it.  I've not bought any yet but I guess I should and see
if it's any good.  It's supposed to be used with some of their other foods
(ie.- cheese & mushroom omelette, etc..), which are, I have to say, quite
excellent.  I've tried the Tandoori Curry (outstanding) and have Couscous
Almondine, Seafood Pasta Supreme and Big Bill's Red Beans & Rice which I
can't wait to try (partly so I can play with my new MSR Whisperlite! :) ).
They're vegetarian dishes with some sort of soy thing in them that I
actually liked, surprising because I HATE tofu!  They also mean it when they
say there's 2 servings, unlike most of the other dried food companies.  They
know their hungry hikers!  Anyway, sorry for running off on a tangent, but
sometimes I tend to do that..... thanks for bearing with me! :)

Happy eating!
Ga -> Me April '97
Standby to receive! :)