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Re: Waterproof Boots ???

My instructions on the computer-generated message says to send your
request to:


did you send it to this address?


Parker Judy writes:
> I recently subscribed to the AT-L list and have certainly enjoyed many of the 
> items.  However, I really can't keep up with the number of messages.  I have 
> been trying to unsubscribe for several (many) days, but have been unsuccesful.  
> Someone else asked last week, but the response he received did not work (even 
> trying all different combinations of case and name)!
> Can anyone help? Is there a number I can call? An e-mail address? etc.
> I have treid unsubscribe at-l (name), any other suggestions?
> Thanks (and happy trails to you!!)

Richard Hihn			Phone:(518) 584-5000 (x2609)
Department of Music
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866	Email:rhihn@bart.skidmore.edu

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