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Re: How long...

> I know to finish this hike in the alloted time I have set for myself 
> I must  average 15 miles/hr.  

 Ford <truself@wsnet.com> replied:
>> WOW!  I think that must be a typo..... 15 miles a day maybe?? :) Hope you 
>>have some non-hiking days scheduled in there... I think Blake you should 
>>read some of the journals that are available on the AT page.  You will 
>>need to schedule some more days....

Yeah, let me just say that it's nice to have a rough idea of how many
miles a day you should average overall, but after the first week of hiking,
you generally throw that idea out the window.  Things happen that cause
you to go faster/slower, such as weather, not getting to a PO in time for
a pickup, nice warm days that beg for you to kick back and enjoy life, etc.
It's important physically as well as mentally to have off days, generally
one a week.  Thru hiking is tough, physically, mentally, and spiritually,
but the rewards can be a real tonic to one's self.  I think one of the
finest times I had was hiking Sinking Creek Mtn just north of Pearisburg,
and watching spring slowly come up the finger ridges that come off the
main ridges to the valley.  It's not very often that one can watch Nature
unfold and feel a part of the experience.  I made good time doing that 
section, but I took the time to sit down and observe the setting around
me.  And for me, it was time well spent.