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Re: Waterproof Boots ???

At 01:06 PM 5/8/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-05-07 16:05:24 EDT, GNYCE@wcupa.edu (Nyce, Greg)
>>  i usually try to avoid prolonged marshy areas whenever 
>This brings to mind areas of the trail that are one big mudhole.  It seems
>hikers seem to want to make the trail wider and wider in these spots because
>they don't want to get their boots a little muddy or wet. Isn't it better
>environmentally to just plow on through the gook and keep the trail narrow?
> I realize ocassionally there is no other way but to go around, but I am
>speaking of the times where you do have a choice. It reminds me of the people
>I see running through the rain because they are afraid of the raindrops!!
> What is your opinion on this Jim Owens?  Others?
>IL Fltlndr@aol.com
>P.S.  I have a pair of Gortex Vasque Clarions and I won't buy Gortex again.
> I don't think it was worth it as after a short time your feet still get wet.
Stay on the main trail path,,, some trails are now six to eight feet wide,
due to short-cuts and bypasses...

I don't like Goretex either, the Goretex seems to hold heat in (as well as
let water in, my feet sweat too much without adding more problems)... 

Spring is leaving us northerners again, snow in the northcountry, but not
enough for skiing (D#$@%$%^)...

stay warm,

 "WIXeR"  aka   Dick Wix
      AT-94  GA->ME
       Rochester, MN.