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AT Hike (forwarded message)

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>NEEDLES! Thanks for your section hike to Hot Springs. I thought I would
>respond when you mentioned two thru-hikers I met while hiking the AT in
>GSMNP a couple of weeks ago; Bare and Noodles. Bare was truly a free 
>spirit. I'll never forget the first time I met her. It was at Pecks
>Corner Shelter. We had hiked from Newfound Gap, put our stuff in
>bunks and were cooking up a meal. This person came up and said what's
>your favorite food and the conversations were on. She was on the top
>bunk above me with a tobaggan eating later in the night. I hiked a
>ways with her up Mt. Sequoyah. She say she was slow and was often
>left to hike alone from Springer, but was determined to hike her
>hike. We talked about her reason for thru-hiking (always been an
>outdoors person). We talked about her hikes in the Whites, etc. She
>was fascinated with my pack (An Army Ranger Pack-external) which was
>quite different from all of the internals, etc. out there. It seems
>her pack was borrowed from a friend and she was into the colors and
>fancy packs she saw. While she used two walking sticks like some of
>us, we were a little amused at her footwear (TEVAS). Of course
>Grandma Gatewood wore sneakers so I guess it's whatever keeps your
>feet together. The last time I saw Bare (Becca) was when we took a
>break at TriCorner Shelter. She left with the young crowd of Noodles
>(yes Noodles), Captain Hook, Ukeepa, Dragonfly, and Anna Purna. I
>first met Noodles at Pecks Corner Shelter also. The shelter was full
>so he spent the night in his tent on the ridge. That night we had one
>tremendous storm and the next morning Noodles was sitting in his tent
>trying to dry out his foods. I have a picture of Noodles, Bare and the
>others at TriCorner. Thanks for stirring my memories of that trip. I
>have wondered how some of the crew had made it. I'm having problems
>posting to the AT-L group so if you're a subscriber would you please
>forward this to the group. Again, Thanks.