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Re: Definition of a "fork"

Sorry - maybe I shouldn't have asked.  That doesn't sound like
something I'd want to carry in my pack, though.   Kids!!  They
get you into all kinds of trouble.  Yeah, I've got my problems
with them, too.

Walk softly - and carry a .45

>In a message dated 96-05-07 10:52:20 EDT, jrowen@pop500.gsfc.nasa.gov (Jim
>Owen) writes:
>>What's a fork?
>I believe it is what I whacked my son-in-law with a couple weeks ago acrossed
>his back (a plastic manure fork w/wooden handle) when he was strangling my
>hubby; then this person hit me with across my back. (I told you I had some
>family and legal problems recently!) I suppose I should tell you we were
>defending my youngest daughter.
>The things we get ourselves into!!!!!!
>IL Fltlndr