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Re: washing dishes

> A proven, no scrub, but risky method to get out the real tough gunk is to
> leave the dirty pot out overnight and let natures little helpers clean it
> up.  A raccooon's tongue will beat anything man can come up with.  Used this
> method many times until one morning the pot was nowhere to be found (that
> must have been one hungry 'coon).

One time we basically fell asleep before we had a chance to clean up while out
in early January.  It was in the 50's when we knocked off and we didn't
anticipate the freeze that we were greeted with the next morning.  It had 
rained a little, then snowed.  so our pots had a layed of water that froze
solid.  Just pulled the frozen disc out and with it came the gunk!!!  That was
all fun and well till we realized the water filter had frozen too.  =-O
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