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Re: washing dishes

> A proven, no scrub, but risky method to get out the real tough gunk is to
> leave the dirty pot out overnight and let natures little helpers clean it
> up.  A raccooon's tongue will beat anything man can come up with.  Used
> this method many times until one morning the pot was nowhere to be found
> (that must have been one hungry 'coon).
> Tellydude

Great idea!  Thanks!  I should have thought of it because my cats sometimes
"do the dishes" with their little sandpaper tongues.  A little chlorine
bleach should get rid of the critter germs.  If the pot has a handle you
could biner it to a tree.  Don't those bear-teeth holes make them leak? (:8=

Thanks to others for the advice about the non-stick pots.  I'm ordering a
set from REI today.

--  Frank   reid@indiana.edu