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Re: powdered everything

>I bought powdered shortening at Eastern Mtn Sports (EMS) in VA.  I haven't
>used it yet and don't know if I ever will.  I've since decided to keep meal
>prep as simple as possible, and can't think of any reason to use shortening.
> (I used to picture myself cooking pancakes for a hearty breakfast on the
>trail, but carrying a pack for a week cured me of that.)  I carry a small
>squirt bottle of liquid margarine, and add a squirt or two of it to my pasta
>dinners, where they call for margarine.  I don't worry about refrigerating it
>as it is deep in my pack and doesn't get hot.

Use olive oil, it won't spoil and is better for you than the margrine.

Blake Mayerle
AT 97'