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Re: Del Water Gap Accomidations

Ken wrote:

>I am planning a hike of the NJ AT finishing up at the Water Gap.  I would
like to leave >my car there.  Does
>anyone know any place that wouldn't mind watching my car for a reasonable
fee or a >very safe place to
>park, and also, a good place to stay, or at least a place to shower.  The
NJ/NY data >book does not list any
>numbers for the Gap.  I'm leaving this Friday.  

Last year I caft my car at the DWG National Recreation Area parking lot for 8
days and had no problems.  This is at the Information Center, the first exit
in NJ on I80 if you come from the east.  However, it did not look like there
was anyone there to keep an eye on things at night.

There is not much at the town of DWG, Pa, but I do recall a Ramada Inn within
1/2 mile off the trail there.  I think it was at the last eastbound exit of
I80 in PA.  However, I did find more things by following Pa Rt 611 about 2
miles to the northeast from the AT crossing; this is at a cross street with a
traffic light.  On the side street is a  Days Inn (Stroudsburg) where I
stayed for $50.  If you don't feel like walking the 2 miles, there is local
taxi service.  The reason I stayed there is that it was near a bus station
with frequent connections to New York City (the station in DWG at the Trail's
End Restaurant only had service once a day).  

Hope this helps

Bob Shroy