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Re: washing dishes

>>Although I look like Jeff Smith, the "Frugal Gourmet" of PBS, I know little
>>about cooking.  What are good ways to clean cooking/eating equipment with
>>minimum water and fuel?
>>I usually clean my cooking pot and fork/spoon by adding water and a few
>>drops of dish soap, boiling until all the sticky stuff is loose (carefully,
>>not letting it boil over), then rinsing with clean water.
>>--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu
A proven, no scrub, but risky method to get out the real tough gunk is to
leave the dirty pot out overnight and let natures little helpers clean it
up.  A raccooon's tongue will beat anything man can come up with.  Used this
method many times until one morning the pot was nowhere to be found (that
must have been one hungry 'coon).