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RE: powdered everything

> browsing thru my latest backpacker, saw some recipes that included
> powdered shortening.  wondering who is powdering all this stuff and where
> i find it.  found powdered egg whites at the groc. store but not whole
> eggs.  i don't hold out any hope of finding the shortening.  anyone have
> any mail order 'food from powdered land' catalogs?
> oh, does anyone carry tubes of margerine or something similar?  does
> margerine have to be refrigerated?  seeing as though it's mostly oil and
> water (gross) i figure it has a good unrefrigerated lifespan.  but heavy
> :(
> alisa

Someone on rec.backcountry mentioned a margerine-like substance that comes
in a tube or squeeze-bottle and requires no refrigeration.  Hopefully
someone here can remember its name.  Why do they call that stuff
shortening?  What's longer if you don't use it (your life, due to less

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