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Re: Health insurance

On Mon, 6 May 1996 12:54:09 -0500 (CDT)  Rob Thompson wrote:
>Blake asks a very good question here.  What do people do about health
>insurance while they're hiking the trail?  I might be able to swing
>a leave of absence but, barring that, I should probably get some kind
>of insurance for when I'm gone...especially considering the potential
>for injury (plates and rods in your leg?!?!).
>On a related note, what have past thru-hikers done about car insurance,
>personal effects, rent, telephone bills, and all those other annoying
>things during their absence?  I'm leaning towards moving out, getting
>a storage place, and re-settling upon my return...are there any other
>strategies out there?
>AT 97
>> Am I crazy, Or did I hear about temporary health insurance for when on 
>> trail???  I cannot remember.  I was asked by a friendd who is planning 
>> hike.  Thanks
>> Blake Mayerle
>> block@bastard.org
>> AT 97'
>> GA>-------->ME

"Portable Health Insurance" is available through an independant agent.  
This is coverage that you "owm" and goes with you when you change jobs.  
You might talk to an agent and see if that would serve your needs while on 
the trail.  Be careful about disclosing the true nature of the need.  IE: 
the agent wants you to take coverage till you are 65, but you only want 
coverage till you finish the hike.

Lee M. Cobb
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