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Re: Backtrack, hitch or shuttle

Paul, I've section hiked about half the trail and I've mostly used the
shuttles. I've had very positive experiences with the drivers on the list
from the ATC. Contact the ATC and they will send you a list for the whole
AT. I'm doing a section in PA in a couple of weeks, my shuttle driver from
the ATC list is a thru hiker who is giving something back to the trail.
When planning your sections you need to give thought to good
starting/ending points based on road crossings and safe locations to park
your car. The drivers can give you good advice on parking. The most
convenient thing is to leave the car at your end point and hike to it. But,
you have to be flexible. There may not be good parking or the driver may
like to do it another way. Set the price ahead of time and make sure you
bring enough cash. Good luck...

                                       Steve Coombs
                                    GA '89 > ME 21st century