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Re: Health insurance

no experience w/ this yet (planning) but i'll have 3 mos of insurance w/ my
company while on leave and prob. buy 3 months worth of traveler's insurance.
 apartment--i'll just move out.  i'll store my stuff in my mom's attic (don't
own much, have a cool mom), phone, disconnected w/ apartment ditched, car
i'll probably 'unregister'.  just called my insurance company this morning to
find out about not paying insurance for 6 months and she said that no
insurance will mean turning in my plates (ny).  so it'll be a comparison of
re-registration costs vs. just keeping it insured.  i've worked out what
bills will continue to come in monthly (mostly credit cards, student loans)
and calculated those costs into a total that i'll be leaving behind along
with a lot of signed checks for someone here to send off to keep me out of
my 2 pesos.

ps. if you'd like to get onto the growing class of '97 list, drop a line to
my acct. and i'll add you.