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Re: Health insurance

Blake asks a very good question here.  What do people do about health
insurance while they're hiking the trail?  I might be able to swing
a leave of absence but, barring that, I should probably get some kind
of insurance for when I'm gone...especially considering the potential
for injury (plates and rods in your leg?!?!).

On a related note, what have past thru-hikers done about car insurance,
personal effects, rent, telephone bills, and all those other annoying
things during their absence?  I'm leaning towards moving out, getting
a storage place, and re-settling upon my return...are there any other
strategies out there?

AT 97

> Am I crazy, Or did I hear about temporary health insurance for when on the
> trail???  I cannot remember.  I was asked by a friendd who is planning his
> hike.  Thanks
> Blake Mayerle
> block@bastard.org
> AT 97'
> GA>-------->ME