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Fwd: AT Section Hike 4/25 Error Condition

A Friend has been trying to post to at-l but receives error messages, and 
ask that I post the following for him.

Ernie Patterson
  Cc: ernie_patterson@unc.edu
  From: Herbert Davis <drherb@email.unc.edu>

Ernie, I saw your posts. I wondered what you were up to since I hadn't 
anything from you lately. Would you please forward this to the AT-L group 
me. I'll send you a separate post about a problem I have sending to the 
Thanks. HERB

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Hello fellow hikers. I'm Herb and I've been lurking for some time. I was 
do my first AT hike (long-time hiker though) last November but Opal shut
down the trail in the GSMNP and we had to wait until this April. Thanks  
to this list I had an idea of what I might expect. Please accept my
apologies for lack of brevity  but I hope it will be received as a
first-timer who didn't want to leave out anything for my journal. My
friend, Tony and I left Chapel Hill (U. of N.C.) and spent a couple of
days in Asheville, and nearby parts checking out gear shops for last
minute unnecessities.  I was not sure if I had all the proper gear;
would it rain, snow, hail or what. We stopped in Hendersonville,
Brevard, and other gear shop spots looking for a polypro shirt but
most were out. Got to Newport, TN on Tuesday, April 23 and stood on
the second floor balcony and looked at mountains we would climb the
next few days.  The weather was perfect, short-sleeves for the night.
Somehow, we just knew it would not last for us.
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24  - We left Newport and headed for Clingman's Dome
The parking lot was pretty full and the paved walk was full of people
chugging up and down. The weather was sunny and clear but cool if you
were not walking.  On the trail we talked with the following who asked
that we sent the following messages that they were doing fine.  Mike
and Sue Shay (Stoney Brook and Not Yet) of Stockbridge, VT; Ray Ellis
(Sluggo) of Valley Center,CA; Ammon Hess (Pony Express) Perkasie,PA
and Spiderman of Indianapolis. They were just glad it was not raining.
They had seen enough rain, snow and cold which had driven many off the
trail including Pony Express' wife.  One last gear/lunch drive down to
Wesser and the Nantahala Outdoor Center where all the waterbabies were
having a great time in canoes,etc. The weather and sky (Carolina Blue)
were perfect.
Thursday, April 25   We left Newport and shuttled through Gatlinburg
to Newfound Gap where it was sunny, but very windy and a bit cool 
until we got moving.  The Ga. Sugar Man started out with us but was
gone very soon.  The Boulevard Trail to Mt. LeConte was closed. I
understand from a local that a hiker has donated the money to redo
the trail as long as he is the first person to hike the redone trail
We stopped for a break at the Ice Water Spring shelter. A couple of
dayhikers who couldn't go to Mt LeConte were there; Pony Express
showed up with a new partner; Glen Marsteller (Scooter) of West Palm
Beach. I gave Scooter a piece of duct tape for toe hot spot. Tony and
I headed for Peck's Corner. Just past IceH2O we met a section hiker
who said he had left Erwin,TN MARCH 14 (WOW). He said he'd seen a lot
of snow but still March 14! We caught up to Pony Express and Scooter
at Charlie's Bunion who were taking a lunch break with a couple of
dayhikers, an older couple and their daughter. The husband did not
go near the rocks so I took a pic of the wife and daughter who went
a little ways. It was very windy and I would not have done the real
thing on a wet day. Having left Newfound Gap at 8am, we slogged into
Peck's Corner shelter at a little after 5. The trail to the shelter
was .5m down and winding and wet. Pony Express and Scooter were
there having secured their bunks and eaten and gotten extra H2O from
the spring which is also down from the shelter. The water was clear
and clear especially to two tired hikers. We had heard on the trail
that there were 18 in Peck's Corner the night before so we quickly
claimed our spots on the bottom bunk (we did have reservations and
no tent which was new for me). The Ga. Sugar Man was there with
bruised forehand and scratched legs. As a senior hiker he had done     
many AT section hikes but had left his stick in the shuttle and had
fallen on a couple of slippery roots and rocks. He was OK otherwise.
Just before dark, Anna Purna from Maine; Dragonfly,Ga., Rita, Canada
Captain Hook and Ukeepa, Richmond showed up. I had a vegetable c'srole
lemonade, black forest cake with cherry topping. Noodles,etc. came
late, too late, the shelter was way too full with folks in bunks and
on the shelter floor. There were packs hanging, sitting everywhere
but everyone was happy. If you got up it was like going thru a pack
forest; excuse me, I didn't know that was your head on the floor,
Noodles set up tent on the hill above the shelter. The young ones
then started their stoves and a campfire. There was a lot of chatter
about the day's trail, including news about Br---, the 300 lb hiker
that was featured on Outside Magaz AT piece. He was a day ahead of
us and no one seemed unhappy about that from the conversation. He was
not the trail partner that anyone seemed to want around. Oh well. It
was getting late (dark) and the youngsters were still active but us
older ones were settled in our bunks. Later in the evening a pair got
up and out the shelter to answer the call.  Sometime after midnight 
the whole shelter shook and the place lit up like an amusement park.
If you've heard and felt lightning and thunder rumble up and down the
valley, you know what it was like.
FRIDAY, APRIL 26  Before dawn the rains (not rain) came and there was
a collective groan in the shelter; yesterday had been too pretty.
Pny Express, Scooter, and Ga Sugar Man got stirring early and went
out into the rain, on to Cosby Knob. Tony and I and the youngsters
laid in, us until after 9. We ate leftovers and trudged up the now
very wet trail to the AT and onward to TriCorner. Noodles tent had
leaked and he was drying out some of his food,etc. The rain had
stopped as we started and the clouds and peaks were awesome with the
morning mists and the sun was out by noon. Another great day on the
AT.  By Mt. Sequoah, everyone had caught and passed us including
Bruce (New Hampshire). We stopped for a break before Mt. Chapman
as it had gotten quite warm. It was not as windy as Thursday so I
got down to my thermal top.  We reached TriCorner Shelter at 3 and
got water and snacks, took pics, traded stories, with all the
young ones. We all were trying to decide if we would stop at Tri
Corner after only 5 miles or push on late in the evening to the
next stop (Cosby Knob for them, Laurel Gap for us). We decided to
push on. Before we left TriCorner Rat (Durham) showed up and decided  
to spend the night after having spent the night at Ice Water Springs
Ten people had spent the night there even though the shelter has a
sign that says it's closed due to sanitary conditions.  We hiked a
ways from TriCorner to the Balsam Mountain Trail to get to Laurel
Gap, Mount Sterling and Big Creek.
RESPECTFULLY, I will give the non AT hike to personal e-mail upon
request later.

SATURDAY, APRIL 26  The weather was beautiful and we reached Big
Creek. GA. Sugar Man finished his section to Cosby Knob and by
midafternoon was soaking his feet in Big Creek. His shuttle picked
him up just before us. As we headed out around 6, we passed Ukeepa
at Exit 451 (US40) left, right, left, right toward Katahdin. Good
luck to all and Happy Trails to all. Thanks for you patience and
tolerance of this post. I respect all hikers, thru, day, section
whatever after having gone thru the mud, rain, sun, etc. for just
a couple of days. My recommendation is what I have heard so many
of you say. HIKE YOUR HIKE! PEACE!
(Happy) Herb                          

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