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was up in the 'daks for three days of recuperation from my mundane paycheck
existence--bagged a few peaks, got rained on and was so absolutely happy for
36 hours...
stopped in to the mountaineer up in keene valley.  first-a plug for the
store:  these people know their stuff.  they are a small store, they sell
everything and they are within a mile of about 8 high peaks.  if in that
area, stop in...
second, i was talking to one of the guys working there about boots (chuck
bruha) and told him about my upcoming walk in the woods.  he pulled an alico
yoho off the shelf, spent 10 minutes looking at my stinky just-off-the-trail
foot, measuring it, checking out bone structure, arch shape, blah blah blah
(brave man, let me tell you) and put the boot on me.  after a sizing
adjustment i was in love--this is a SERIOUS boot.  makes the sundowner look
like a beach sandal.  granted a little bit heavier...
has anyone used alicos?  till then i hadn't heard of them.  at 220 bucks, it
made my skin crawl (still reeling from the last purchase) but these things
look like they'd go the distance (naive thru-hiker-to-be).  
so i'm looking for experience with this line and more specifically the yoho.
also, as a side note, the mountaineer does not carry any product that they
can't get women's sizes for.  i think that is so awesome--it's been very
frustrating to try and find women's gear.  stores claim they can't sell it.
 well how do you sell something you don't carry?  (grrr...)  oh, and i'd say
a good 70% of the people we saw on the trail this weekend were women!  
hope everyones weekend was as AMAZING as mine.
alisa (still high on mt. air)