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Re: Dog problem near Laurel Falls and Moreland

Now I would have to take exception to the statement regarding the people 
in this area.  When I hiked through in 94, we were allowed to slouch all 
afternoon and evening in a restaurant north of Apple House, the owner 
even giving me use of his truck for the evening--no questions asked.  The 
next day a lady invited us into her home for cold water as well as a tour 
of her garden.  We had no dogs that year, which would definitely make the 
experience a lot more hellish, but the people were a welcome diversion 
from the butt-kicking terrain of walking up and down in all those 
rhododenderon hollows!

Trail Snail '94

P.S.: our informant at the restaurant told us the shelter had been burned 
by a family of moonshiners/pot growers who were mad at the USFS.  He said 
the locals liked trail users and really hated that their ares had gotten 
such a bad reputation.

On Sun, 5 May 1996, PATTERSON, ERNIE wrote:

> I have hiked that portion of the trail, but not this spring.  I went 
> through in December and did not have any problems..
> Also at Hampton, TN which is the town you get to by following the blue 
> blaze trail instead of hiking over Pond Mountain.  The store is called 
> Brown's Grocery and Hardware, and in addition Sutton Brown has a place 
> where hikers can spend the night and clean up.  Both he and his wife are 
> some of the nicest people I have met along that section of the trail.  
> I will be up there in mid may and I will check out the dog problem and 
> post more information.  I have been attacked by dogs about 10-15 miles 
> south of Moreland Shelter, but I had both red pepper spray and a gun with 
> me and was able to take care of the problem.  As an aside the section 
> between Apple Shelter and Moreland Shelter has some of the most 
> unfriendly people and dogs of any part of the trail I have hiked.  A 
> number of years ago someone burned the shelter between the two shelters 
> and it has not been replaced.
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