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Re: Backtrack, hitchhike, or shuttle?

> to the trailhead to drive home (Don't want to do this).  Do most people only
> walk half way along the trail and then backtrack to the parking lot?  Or
> do you hitch a ride back (doesn't seem too safe)?  Or are there shuttles
> or some kind of tranportation that takes hikers back in certain parks?
> (Del. Water Gap, for example)

Fortunately, I live about 10 miles from the AT and haven't backpacked more than
2 hours drive from where I live.  So I usually do one of two things:  
go with a friend and put one car at one end and another at the other end.
Put my car at one end and have my fiancee/some other kind soul to drop me
off at the trailhead.  There have been occaisions that I've done the backtrack,
but that was just an overnight trip usually.  Loop hiking where there's
connecting trails that make that feasible are fun too.  Of course, I'm lucky
enough to live pretty darn close to the AT and other assorted trails.

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