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More Trail Tales

  This is a little dated but here goes...

  Hi All:

  I hardly know where to start. I'm on the Lazy Mans hike.
I see some place that is warm and has a shower, I stop
there. I had to take a week off to rest my LCL ligament,
and when I was healed, I went out and spent two days in
my tent waiting for the snow to stop. When I finally figured
out how to unfreeze my poles, I walked back to Franklin,
NC through two feet of snow and five foot drifts. One good 
thing was that I got to watch a majority of the NCAA finals
in basketball.
   The trail is a river, at any given time. You can find anything
you desire, if you are willing to look. The trail giveth, and can 
just as readily taketh away, Those who can adapt to trail
living are those who have the fun. Those who try to adapt the
trail to their lives are living in a fools paradise. I live for the
next sunrise, the next horizon, the next unknown, but when
the fun stops, (I hope it never does) so do I.

                                                           Kurtis Kirsch
                                                 GA ----> Until The Fun Stops

  P.S. I hope to see ya'll at Trail Days !

End of Log Entry

  I've got blazes to go and people to meet.

                     Sleeper 94