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Asolo return experince

 Hello Everyone
 	I put Asolo to the test yesterday.  My Pinnacles are 1 1/2 months
 old and I've hiked twice in the woods with them.  I broke them in street
 walking.  They have many coats of Nikwax paste on them.  I've had minor
 leakage on both hikes.  This is spring run off and the trails are really
 wet.  I feel any leather boot would have a hard time staying dry.  Just 
 wanted to see what the store and company would do.  I brought them back 
 to Climb High, the store and a manufacturer of backpacking equipment,
 where I purchased them.  They (Robert) were terrible to deal with.  Its
 your problem attitude.  No money back.  Willing to send them back to Asolo. 
 I called Asolo who happen to be about 5 miles were I live.  Mike the
 Service Rep was great to deal with.  He said they usually replace anything
 sent back to them.  With in reason.  Asolos policy on leakage is that
 leather boots leak.  Don't ever believe any store that says they won't. 
 Though they will try to take care of the leakage problem.  A test they
 use on fairly new boots that have been treated is set the boot in water 
 up to just below the stitching.  They feel that stitching well treated rarely 
 leaks.  If the boot leaks or shows leather wetness then its a bad pair 
 of boots.  The sole will come off very early also.  They also would rather
 deal with the buyer rather than the store.  I was impressed by this
 treatment.  I'll let you know how it turns out in the end. 

Beau Bushor N1MJD
Burlington, Vermont
LT 6-96
AT 97
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