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Re: Mohican Outdoor Center

RE: Camp Mohican--we stayed there for two days the first year it was
open to hikers back in '94.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  Several
of us got one of the cabins, got a ride down to the A&P, and then had
a cookout with the caretakers the next day.  The way we got a ride down
to the A&P was by helping one of the AMC caretakers drop his engine out
of his VW van to replace the clutch plate.  Who said hiking the AT can't
be an educational experience...plus, we got to do it twice.

When we left Mohican, I had my last bad experience with lightning at
Catfish Tower, about 2 miles from Mohican.  It was an interesting 
surprise, I'm sure, for the group of Boy Scouts who came marching
up and found three "rough and tough" AT hikers cowering under the
cement picnic table..I'm sure they really did think we'd hiked all
the way up there from Geogia.  They weren't aware of the fun game we
had played of trying to guess whether or not cement tables made 
attractive lightning attractors during the storm, nor were they aware
of the expertise we had developed in jamming bodies together in
tight spaces from our sleeping in shelters.  The lessons one learns
in the Smokies are often applicable in places you least expect...