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Re: packs-dana

This can really be a double edge sword, witness the amount
of backpacking gear I have because I didn't buy
what I really wanted first. I have a beautiful
Osprey sitting gathering dust because when I
bought it I really wanted a Dana but didn't
want to spent the extra one hundred dollars.
After a season I had came to despise that
pack, not because the Osprey was a bad
pack, they are not, they are good packs,
but it just wasn't the one I wanted, so
instead of saving the hundred bucks, I
now have two packs. One that is a good  
pack and another that , besides my wife,
is just about the best friend I could 
have on the trail. The same holds true
for alot of our other gear, I have a Quest
Preying Mantis, two Sierra Designs tents,
a Eureka , and a North Face VE25, because I
didn't want to spend the money on a
Stephenson's, well quess what our new 
Stephenson's 3RS will be here soon.
Point is buy what you want the first time and
you'll save money in the long run. Unless
you are like me and am a gear-head to the core.

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
GA to ME '97