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Re: packs-dana

hey emily--
aren't moms always right?  mine being an experienced hiker/mountaineer is
especially vocal in the advice sector though she hasn't said much about my
dana choice.  once she sees it and tries it on i'm sure i'll get an earfull,
good or bad.  but re: the scirrocco--i tried that on, also and liked it very
much.  great fit, 1 lb less than the dana.  the thing that kept me away from
it was the lack of external pockets (without which i would go absolutely
nuts) and the killer hip belt and adjustments of the dana that i couldn't get
out of my mind while trying everything else on.  i'll have to say that,
besides those two points, the scirrocco was a close second--what a great pack
for the price!  as for the weight, i'm compensating with a tent that is 1 lb
less than the one i originally decided to buy.  sacrificing a little headroom
for a pack that, indeed, looks at me.

oh--haven't actually SEEN the anniv. dana.  i'm glad i haven't.   :)
have fun on the trail!
go easy