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I hear you about the dana anniver. pack.  I actually had it fitted 
by one of d. d.'s zealous sales reps, and brought it home,
and it was a *beautiful* pack.  It "stared" at me every time I 
looked at it, and I couldn't believe that I actually spent
that much ( I'm a college student)
After enduring enough "Well, for that price, it's gotta carry 
you" comments from my mother, I reluctantly took  it back, and
got the Lowe Sirrocco AND a tent.  I am pretty happy with the 
Sirrocco, as I don't think my pack weight will ever get up there
enough to merit  a better suspension system.  We'll see, though-
11 days til I hit the trail:)

Emily   duncan@mdn.net

p.s.  this is not intended as a slam on terraplane owners-
they really are great packs!