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Fire on AT in WV

This morning's Hagerstown newspaper had a front page story about a fire
along the AT. More than 200 firefighters fought a 400 acre blaze along the
AT in WV about 12 miles south of Charles Town.  Authorities believe the
fire was started by a campfire along the AT.  The fire was reported Sunday
afternoon, and was still burning inside the firebreak on Monday afternoon. 
The fire was fueled by windy conditions and dead timber that had been
ravaged by gypsy moths and southern Pine beetles. 

(The same article also mentioned the figure of 200 acres as having
been burned...so, it's hard to tell which figure they were intending one 
to heed.)

Also - this a.m.'s news reported that one of those huge fires out west 
had been started by a campfire that hadn't been properly extinguished.  
(Amazingly, the people responsible were reported to have turned 
themselves in and will face some felony charges.)