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Re: Timberline boots

>>I recall that a particular
>>company wouldn't replace a pair of boots for a thruhiker and they got
>>flamed pretty bad in the registers for miles along the trail.  (OK, the
>>company in question was ... Timberline.)
>I gotta differ on Timberline.  I owned a pair of Timberlines for around 4
>years.  The last six months I had them I wore them while cleaning up the
>storm debris after a tornado wrecked my old home and while cleaning up
>around the construction site of my new home.  Needless to say, the soles
>were worn to the point they were split across the arch.  I'm so cheap I
>wanted to resole them rather than buy new boots.  When I called Timberline
>about the cost of resoling, the phone person reminded me that the boots had
>a lifetime warranty and that I could return them for repair or replacement
>at no cost.  I explained in grisly detail that I'd just worn them out--it
>wasn't Timberline's fault.  No dice--they wanted me to return them.  The
>happy ending was that I got new boots.  Perhaps enough hikers had "lit 'em
>up" that Timberline decided an exchange policy was the way to go.
>Jim Greenway

  I'm really glad to hear this.  Boy, Timberline sure took a beating in the
registers.  I still remembered the brand name!  Maybe the 92 thruhiker who
experienced this dealt with a bad phone representative.  As far as I've
ever heard, Timberline makes a good product, and your experience bears this
out.  It's good to hear that they'll stand behind their product now.
That's pretty important in hiking gear (or any gear for that matter!).
Warranty/replacement issues should be considered when you're shopping for
outdoor gear, the gear that you'll be heavily depending on in the woods.

Thanks for the info -


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