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Re: Neels Gap Store

>	I was wondering if someone could tell me what kind of supplies are
>at the Neels Gap store(Walasi-Yi inn).  I am planning a section hike in
>june and was hoping to get a week's worth of food and some fuel(camping gaz
>270 fuel).  Does anyone know the phone number or if they have this stuff? 
>Thanks alot.

        Well, they have just about everything you could want.  They sell,
boots, packs, clothes, food, water filters, water bottles, books,
microwaveable food and fuel.  It was five cents an ounce I think when I went
through there the first of April.  I did a two week hike from springer to
nantahalla outdoor center.  If you start at springer pack light on the food
as you will be able to either buy what you need here or send a mail drop
here.  They are extremely nice people and very eager to help you out.  

Dwayne "drichff@interpath.com"
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