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Re: Boots again!

I use Biwell on my Vasque Super Hikers(brushed leather) and it does a great
job of keeping the water out and keeping the water in for that matter( I
got caught two weeks ago with no rain pants in a downpour at Cooper's gap
and the water ran down my legs and filled my boots).


 Hey all!
 >         I was just wondering about what everyone here does for boot
> maintenance, *besides*  for waterproofing.  Actually, what's better in your
> opinion - Nikwax, Biwell or SnoSeal?  I've got Asolo Cygnus boots (Nubuck)
> and have been using Nikwax, but I've been wondering how long it's going to
> keep them protected using such a THIN layer.  It's probably just me, but
> I've been thinking about using Biwell instead.  Hmmm....