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Re: Socks and wool

Thoughts on Thorlo socks and wool-

My family and I went winter camping and dogsledding this winter and while my
husband and I were able to find sizes for the Thorlos with wool in them
(mountain climbing socks?), we couldn't find them in a size for the kids.  I
bought the Trekking socks for the kids and their feet were toasty for the
three days we were outside.  My one daughter stepped through the ice at one
point.  She changed her socks and dried her wet pair over the fire that
night.  They dry very quickly!

By the way,  for those who are unsure of the trend in fleece as opposed to
wool - we all wore polypropolene underware, heavy fleece and a double
windbreaker and were actually *hot* at times.  Wool wasn't necessary at all
to keep warm.

Happy trails!
Mary G.