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Boots again!

Hey all!
        I was just wondering about what everyone here does for boot
maintenance, *besides*  for waterproofing.  Actually, what's better in your
opinion - Nikwax, Biwell or SnoSeal?  I've got Asolo Cygnus boots (Nubuck)
and have been using Nikwax, but I've been wondering how long it's going to
keep them protected using such a THIN layer.  It's probably just me, but
I've been thinking about using Biwell instead.  Hmmm....

Also, I noticed when waterproofing them that after I let them dry, there was
a little bit of rust on the hooks and eyelets.  Called up the store and he
told me it was just from the minerals in the water and said once I got
outdoors in the real conditions that the mud and dirt would protect them
from rusting.  Sounds a little funny to me.......would you say he's right?
Since he said that I've wanted to leave the mud on my boots after I get back
home, lest the metal should rust, but have started thinking lately that it
probably would in fact be better for the leather (for breathability) to
clean the mud off.  Do you all clean your boots off after getting back?

Anyhow, just some things that've been bugging me.  Thanks a lot for any and
all answers you can give me!  Sorry for making you play "50 questions"!  :)

GA => ME April '97
Standby to receive! :)